Jan 13, 2008

First post

Sigh. It must be a cold day in hell.

I'll be honest-- I'm not really a blog person. Writing about events in my everyday life for family or friends to read doesn't exactly enthrall me, but alas, I have resorted to starting one of these here journal type things because:

I'm making a movie.

Well, it's not exactly a movie, or at least not the kind that most people are familiar with... It won't play in theaters around the world, shatter box office records, or catapult me to international stardom (I'm making that one next year-- a sequel to Signs tentatively called Signals... I kid. Or am I?). But, in my own small world (and hopefully around the internet), it could be cool.

The film, titled The League (www.theleaguefilm.com), is about the superhero labor union in 1960's Chicago, and a former sidekick's journey to redeem himself. It's a short film (25 minutes), with a murder mystery plot that's heavy on the shadows. The whole thing is being done as a Senior Project for Chapman University.

We're currently wrapping up principle photography, with two nights of shooting left (February 1 and 2), and a screening date set for April 5 (but more likely May). As the website is still in development, I figured this would be a good place to start posting bits about the film. I'll hopefully be updating this thing fairly frequently in order to chronicle a bit of our journey.

So welcome to my corner. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


It must be a REALLY cold day...

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